Playa Recharge & Wetness Estimators

Estimated Recharge Potential
for Future Generations
Playas are a primary source of recharge for the Ogallala Aquifer, contributing up to 95% of water flowing into the aquifer and improving its quality. Click on up to 7 playas, or use the circle tool to select more than 7 in one area, on the map to view the potential amount of recharge they can provide.

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gallons of water per year

Playa Classification
Grassland = Included in the recharge estimate.

Farmed = Included in the recharge estimate, but these playas are at risk of losing their recharge capacity if their functionality is not restored.

Modified (e.g., pits, ditches, berms) = Not included in the recharge estimate. There is no scientific evidence to determine recharge amount.
Average Seasonal Playa Wetness
Playas vary widely in when and how often they are wet. These differences can matter when making decisions about how to manage a playa. Click up to 7 playas on the map to compare their patterns of wetness.
Seasons coincide with important dates for agriculture and wildlife.

WINTER: Nov 15 - Mar 14
SPRING: Mar 15 - May 31
SUMMER: Jun 1 - Aug 14
FALL: Aug 15 - Nov 14